Turn Heads with 12 Stylish Joggers Outfit Ideas & 10 Handy Tips

joggers outfit ideas

Athleisure is on the upswing. Jeans and chinos for jogging? Naah. They are dowdy stuff. Style does not turn tail on fashion. The jogger now has a new makeover. Glam is the buzzword. Ideally, they are lightweight, comfortable and taper at the leg. They are held up by elastic banding or a drawstring. They have been elevated to a wardrobe essential, they are styled with sophistication and look really cool.

Fashionable Joggers Outfit Ideas

Joggers most certainly don’t fall in the formal wear category. Joggers can be fashioned in numerous styles, to suit different types of shoes, dress codes or occasions. The bottom line is they are casual wear and are meant to be worn casually. This can be easily accomplished by pairing them with other casual wear such as t-shirts and hoodies. You can take it up a notch by going smart casual. Playing around is the buzzword. There are a few fashion crimes such as faux animal prints, flip-flops, etc. Steer clear. Another area of focus should be footgear. Ankle-high boots in well-coordinated colors look spiffy and go very well with joggers. The last word, leave the wide leg joggers and the baggy joggers to the rap crowd.

Remember the tracksuits of yesteryear. In retrospect, they did look pretty ghastly compared to the elegant joggers of today. Let’s then take a peek at joggers outfit ideas.

Joggers for Men 

1. The All Casual

You don’t have to scratch your head too much with this basic yet stand apart pairing. The clean look of the slim fit T offsets the roomy joggers. A trendy pair of trainers and a light jacket completes this highly casual and attractive outfitting. The trainers must be clean. Dirty trainers and the look gets grungy and chic gets tossed outside the window. The joggers should sit at the ankle for an aesthetic, tidy silhouette.

2. Joggers and A Sweater - A Match Made in Heaven

Watch the heads turn. Just slip on a crewneck T-shirt and toss a no-frills, simple sweater over the top. This will complement relatively tight fit joggers with a taper. Slim fitted or cuffed joggers will go equally well in not giving that bottom-heavy look. Trainers do well here also. But clean ones, please.

3. Joggers for The Office

Done with those boring dress pants and tie to work. This outfit of jogger pants with a super classy woolen blazer will draw those stares. Have your hair jelled because ruffled hair would be offkey. The dress boots are just perfect. We don’t want to spoil it with formal footwear which is insipid. The pairing with shirts, a suede coat looks fab and the printed scarf is the perfect foil for that arty, sophisticated touch.

4. Zanerobe Dynamo Combo Jogger Pants 

Zanerobe Dynamo Combo Jogger Pants are the current rage with an electric style quotient. Being of cotton, the comfort level is high. The showstopper is the stylish denim jacket. Khakis being in a league of their own, these pants are here to stay.

5. Black Joggers- Hit The Cool Spot

What the LBD is to women, black joggers are to men; indispensable. It is the perfect base for any combination you can conceive and all cuts, shapes, and styles can be easily found.

6. Joggers for Beach Boys

A synonym for fun is the beach. Now how on earth do you plan to have fun if you are uncomfortable in your outfit? The tank top and joggers conjure up unadulterated fun.

Joggers for Women

i) The Downtown Look

First, we need to play with your footwear. They can be tucked up in lace-up combat shoes, or a pair of high heels, or some hip pumps. I cold weather combat boots or hiking shoes give your feet sufficient insulation. Throw a puffer jacket over and you have that perfect downtown look.

ii) The Athleisure Vibe

Another essential item to wear with your joggers is the crop top. They add a touch of sporty glamour and show off your figure. A pair of classy sneakers and eye tints complete the female of the year look.

iii) Grunge Girl

Pair your joggers with an over-sized Tee or a hoodie from your favorite rock band. The bomber jacket and combat boots nail the look and finish us. Top it up with a cross carry bag or turn tabled with a stylish tote.

iv) Black Monochrome Look

A classic street style outfits straight out from a textbook. The look absolutely sizzles and ups the chic quotient one at a time. Black joggers paired with a black sweater tucked in. Hair curled in waves topped with a cute black baseball cap. Feet shod with peep toes, an oversized black tote and the clincher, black lipstick. Way to go girl. 

v) Joggers in Distress

If you thought the ripped look stopped at denim, you have another think coming. Here these distressed look joggers have the ripped look. A completely new option has opened up for those who can’t get enough of the ripped effect. The top is best kept simple as all the attention is meant to be drawn to your joggers. This is not a diktat. If you want to go in a different direction, by all means, do so.

vi) Reflective Casual Joggers 

Draw everyone's attention even at night with these reflective casual joggers. They reflect lights when exposed to any light source. You can run, jog, or dance wearing these comfortable jogger pants. 

Reflective Casual Joggers

Handy Tips for Donning Joggers


The lines are not clearly defined, only broad indicators. Smart or casual joggers show up in the fit and prints. Speaking on general lines, casual joggers come in a much wider range of colors and prints and are on the baggier side. Smart joggers, when it comes to jogging pants outfits being more straight-laced will stick to black, navy, grey and camel colors and prefer slim fit more.

Casual Joggers

Casual Joggers

The hallmark here is a broad-based attitude to prints and materials. Materials can be of a wide array. Casual joggers are fundamentally practical alternatives to fitted trousers and jeans. Women tend to wear printed casual jogger pantswhereas men prefer striped patterns. While you can fashion outfit ideas around certain styles, they are more utilized for lounging about.

Smart Joggers

A selective palette, slimmer fit set smart joggers apart. Fast developing the top sweatpants option around, of late stylish guys, have deftly blended smarter cut joggers into a casual ensemble bypassing traditional options with surprising elan.

The Tips Toolbox

  • Slim fit joggers work best if you plan on using them as everyday wear
  • Plain joggers are the best option if you plan on incorporating them into an existing wardrobe.
  • Black and grey joggers rule. They look the smartest and won’t clash with the rest of your outfit.
  • Mix up the footgear. Trainers go with the casual look, loafers if you’re dressing up a bit.
  • Relaxed and casual is how to arrange your overall aesthetic.
  • Coordinate with designer brands for maximum style.
  • Mix up your look by going for multiple layering options.
  • Polish it up by adding more ordered styles to your look with a slim profile
  • Opt for shorter styles, such as a bomber, biker or denim jacket when pairing joggers with a jacket.
  • When you’re geared in your joggers, keep a good pair of stylish trainers on hand as your fallback footwear.


  1. What should I wear with joggers?

    With a plain long-sleeved or a regular plain T-shirt and layered over an overcoat, wear your slim-fit joggers. If it is frigid outside, a scarf will come to your rescue. A scarf with geometric patterns or a bold contrasting color will look groovy. A pair of loafers with plain white socks will seal the sophisticated dash. 

  2. What shoes go with joggers?

    For the casual joggers look, trainers look good. Other choices are canvas shoes and ankle boots. For a smarter look, like to work, choose loafers or boots. Don’t make them too formal; it’ll kill the effect. For more, you can follow this men's dress shoe guide. 

  3. What can I wear with light blue joggers?

    Light blue goes with red, gray, orange, pink, white and yellow. This is the color wheel for you. Team your light blue joggers with blouses, sweaters or jackets in the fall or in winter. In spring and summer, T-shirts and tank-tops should be perfect. Set them off with sandals or white canvas shoes.

  4. What shoes go well with dressy jogger pants?

    Dressy sweat pants will go beautifully with women’s classic ballet flats. Other options are Booties, the short version, Pumps, and Sandals. Heels add a chic touch and it would be hard to say you’re wearing sweat pants. They definitely take you up one level.

  5. Can you wear ankle boots with joggers?

    Definitely. It is not a fashion crime. In fact, it gets full marks. They add a bit of the outdoorsman look, are trendy and are suitable both as casual and for smart. You can go to work with them. And they or combat shoes are a must if the weather is cold.

It’s so very hip. Some might even say zany, but I’ll take it any day. If you don’t own a pair yet, get a black one; the rest will follow. You are now equipped with enough know-how on joggers outfit ideas, reinvent your dress code and dive into the comfortable stylish world of wearing joggers.



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