Folding T-Shirts for Travel - 4 Best Methods Explained in Pictures

how to fold t shirts for travel

Foldimate recently launched it’s now fully functional AI-driven folding machine. It is supposed to figure out the type of clothing fed into it and accordingly fold it up to the best possible configuration. Folding is a technique that combines geometry, space, and minimum crease.

Hey, it’s an enjoyable occupation, so let the big hotels have their Foldimates. We will shed light on how to fold t-shirts for travel in this guide.

How To Fold T-Shirts For Travel

The Basic Fold
The Basic Fold


  1. Lay the T-shirt flat and smooth it out free of creases
  2. Fold it in half so that one sleeve rests on the other.
  3. Fold both sleeves in. 
  4. Now, commencing from the bottom, fold upwards. The T-shirt sleeves should come at the top.
  5. Fold in half.
  6. The finished folded t-shirt.

    It’s easy to do and serves both purposes; storage in a drawer or to be packed for travel. It can be done in 3 seconds. The hitch is that the T-shirt is likely to develop crease at the folds.

The 2-Second Fold

This one is also called The Japanese Quick-Fold. It may appear complicated but in reality, is faster than the basic fold and can be done in 2 seconds with a little practice.

The 2-Second Fold 1The 2-Second Fold 2













  1. Keeping the collar to the left, lay the shirt flat.
  2. Taking the sleeve closest to you, pinch the shoulder.
  3. Pinch and hold the shirt at its middle point.
  4. From top to bottom, fold the shirt.
  5. Raise the shirt into the air and uncross your arms.
  6. Over the remaining sleeve, fold the shirt in half.

The 2-fold being a Japanese method boasts that typical efficiency that one has come to associate the country with.

The storage of clothes is an area that is to be pondered. Vertical storage works best for drawers so you don’t have to toss everything pell-mell to find that particular T. Flat storage works with a wardrobe.

The 2-Second Fold 7

The Marine Roll

The Marine Roll

  1. Lay the T-shirt on a flat surface, smooth it clear of creases and wrinkles.
  2. Fold the bottom about 3-4 inches, creating a pouch.
  3. Fold back one half away from you till the collar.
  4. Fold and flip the sleeve back towards you.
  5. Repeat for the other half.
  6. Fold and flip the sleeve away from you.
  7. Roll down the folded T-shirt, collar down and tuck into the bottom fold.

This fold, since it is tight, will save space. Even, you can fold a women's wrap shirt using this technique. However, it takes longer. Creases and wrinkles will develop. Button-up shirts are tough to roll. Furthermore, if you’re living out of your suitcase, you really don’t have to turn it upside down to find that specific t-shirt. Rolled, they are easily identifiable, and you can place the rest back without spoiling the fold.

The Hanger

the hanger

This is not a travel tip. You just place it on a plastic, wood, or collapsible hanger in your closet. Do not use wireframe hangers. The fabric will pucker, the dreaded, embarrassing ‘nipple’ shirt which will only disappear with laundering. The shirt will stay wrinkle-free. The sleeves droop and will likely crinkle at that point. To save yourself the bother of bringing the iron out, fold and hang as shown below.

Trousers too have an uncanny knack of slipping out of the hangar and ending up as a heap on the floor. Hang them as depicted instead. Before putting them on a hanger, just make sure that the inner stitches are straightened out so that they face the opposite side exactly.

The Hanger 2

 The Hanger 3

Folding A Shirt for Travel

This is a technique passed down from my grandmother. It works like a charm. Just remember to take the magazine out after you are done.

Folding A Shirt for Travel

Handy Pointers When Folding for Travel

  • When you buy a new shirt, a t-shirt or a v-neck t-shirt, while unpacking it, study how it was folded. Reverse engineer and you get that perfect fold.
  • When folding a dress shirt, button it up all the way to the collar including the wrist buttons. An efficient means of pulling out just what you want.
  • Packing cubes are great, agreed.
  • Keep your shorts folded neatly whether in a wardrobe or a drawer. Wrinkles are minimized and you don’t have to get them ironed before use.
  • While the shirt is still warm from the dryer, or just after ironing, it is the best time to fold the shirt.
  • Even if your dress shirt is soiled after wear, don’t toss it into the wash hamper where it gets crinkled. Hang it till you decide to wash.
  • Iron the shirt while still a little wet, it gives it a crisper look.

Folding shirts and t-shirts is a song. People generally steer away from it because of the preconception of it being somewhat tedious. The pros scream to differ. Your wardrobe is more organized, you can easily identify your clothing and since this write-up deals with how to fold t-shirts for travel, you can see for yourself the economy of space is provided. You don’t have to sit on top of the suitcase to get it shut.




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