10 Creative Fountain Ideas to Glam up the Look of Your Garden

garden fountain ideas

Fountains are fashionable ideas that are designed to add beauty to spaces in our environment.  Its overwhelming view of the water in motion creates a serene and relaxing feeling in the body. In most cases, hiring a professional to build or install one can require heaps of dollars from you –so also is the decision of buying a fountain from a store. So, if you like this piece of art and don’t know how to go about it, kindly read on as we share some cool fountain ideas you could use to get one installed in your home or office.

Outdoor Garden Fountain Ideas

Garden accessories play a great role to enhance the beauty of a garden. You can implement the following garden fountain ideas to make your garden look more beautiful than ever.

Clay Pot Fountain

Clay Pot Fountain

The pot fountain idea design is pretty easy. It's one of the homemade gorgeous fountains that can be fixed up within a short time frame. The clay pot fountain is crafted to have a decreasing size directly on its top. It has a splendid appearance that allows water to fall on different layers.

Stacked Stones Fountain

Stacked Stones Fountain

Its natural and simplistic appearance makes the fountain unique and different from the usual design.  The fountain is made from different sizes of stones guided upon each other with silicon adhesive. It has a small water supply pump attached to its base.

DIY Bamboo Water Feature

DIY Bamboo Water Feature

This fountain idea is has a design layout that is made from a bamboo piece and attached to a bunch of bamboo sticks. In summary, the fountain is an artist cup crafted from a bamboo stick with a pump attached to it.

Mushroom Water Fountain

Mushroom Water Fountain

The mushroom fountain adds a touch of a mystical fairy appearance in your garden. The fountain is designed to allow water outlets to form raindrops that fall to the bottom of the attached pond. The fountain has stem made from wooden logs and has its entire structure filled small-sized pebbles as a finishing touch.

Statue Fountains for Formal Appeal

Statue Fountains for Formal Appeal

Statue can also be a cool fountain idea. The fountain is created for water to trickle on cherub directly into a basin that directly places below the statue. You can enhance the statue by adding characters like lush greenery and blooming plants to the landscape. The aesthetic appeal and soothing sound will beckon the attention of anyone who will come visiting.

Small DIY Patio Fountain

This fountain idea distinguishes itself with its compatibility and portability. It's a suitable idea that will serve best if you intend to integrate your courtyard with soothing beauty. It is made from a large pot, hardware cloth, river rocks, and fountain kit.

Water Jug Water Feature

Water Jug Water Feature

The fountain appears to take a magical appearance due to its jug that is kept hanging in the air with some strategic attachment. The water that flows from two sets of recycling cans that are attached to a pole which is directly stacked to the garden fence.

Tabletop Fountain

This is a perfect example of a traditional fountain that is designed for outdoor purposes. This fountain can be made from spout and pot that allows water to trickle from it. The fountain bubbles out water from a bronze frog straight to a brilliant cobalt pot that is blue. You can boost the fountain appearance with the addition of flowers that floats on the water surface to create a heavenly feeling.

Traditional Tiered Spill Fountain

Traditional Tiered Spill Fountain

Generate a soothing and charming sound within your garden by installing the traditional tiered fountain.  The fountain is created with a multitude of plants arranged around its based to increase its charming appearance.

Japanese-Influenced Concrete Fountain

The Japanese fountain is created in different designs and shapes.  The concrete fountain fussed perfectly with a lined pond made from stone. The water meant to spill off from the edge create a reflection of sunlight and a suitable sound of streaming water.  The water vents out from the middle and spills directly on the shallow pond.


Does solar fountain really work?

Yes. You will find a lot of aesthetic solar garden fountains that work perfectly. 

What can I plant around a fountain?

If you have a water fountain that splashes water around, then it advisable to use a plant that can grow on moist soil. Plants like, creeping jenny spiderwort, Japanese iris, lvies, and ferns can be a suitable option for this. If the water from the fountain still forms a pool, then you can add compost and organic matter to the soil, this will help enhance the drainage.

How do you paint an outdoor fountain?    

  1. Use a concrete sealer to coat up the fountain. You can use brush meant for a painting to maneuver over little spaces.
  2. Apply paint primer on the surface of the fountain using a paintbrush.
  3. You can coat the fountain up with oil-based paint. This paint will protect the fountain surface from more damages.

How do you care for an outdoor fountain?

  1. Ensure the bowl is wiped off. Try to wipe off the fountain regularly.
  2. The pump should be clean at an interval of three months to ensure it completely free from obstructions, rust, and debris.
  3. Use cleaners that are meant to destroy the formation of algae.
  4. Use quality material, as the material used will determine the durability of the fountain.
  5. You can call the attention of a professional

How do you clean a concrete fountain?

Add to two cups of bleach to a bucket full of water. Ensure the tubing is inside the water the allow it to get soaked for a minimum of an hour. After that, mix three white vinegar solution in the water and pour out the solution directly on the fountain – then scrub the entire inner part of the bowl using a brush.

How do you make a water fountain blue?

The use of pond dye can be the best option. Add half of the dye to the pond and increase the quantity gradually and observe the changes that are accompanied alongside, do this till you achieve a suitable color.  Remember, fountains with blue water can cause stains on the material they come in contact with.



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