How to Disengage Anti Theft System | 9 Foolproof Techniques

How to Disengage Anti Theft System | 9 Foolproof Techniques

It happens for no reason. Something triggers your car anti-theft system, a bird, a thump, a heavy vehicle passing close, a faulty chip, whatever. I have this friend, a marine engineer by profession who was plagued with his truant car’s alarm going off for no apparent reason. The engineers attending to his complaint could not come up with a solution either. Being a marine engineer and sometimes resorting to indigenous solutions, he came up with this.

how to disengage anti theft system

Let’s take a practical look at how to disengage the anti-theft system.

How to Disengage an Anti-Theft System?

An anti-theft system is undoubtedly a very important facet of a car. The alarm can malfunction almost anywhere. This becomes a big issue because your car will simply not start. You need to shut it off. There are many factors to consider how to disable or perform an anti-theft system reset.

Key and Cylinder Scrutiny

If the battery in your key fob is low, the alarm can be triggered. It is a reminder to have the battery changed. The first sign of such a symptom is the random triggering of the anti-theft alarm. In such a situation change the battery. If that remedies the problem, we are good to go. If this doesn’t work, further investigations will be required.

The next thing that needs examination is the door lock cylinder isn’t damaged. The cylinder is located inside the door where it latches to the car body. If it has been impaired or subjected to an act of vandalism, the vehicle is fooled into thinking that someone is trying to pry the door open. Inspect under the door handle to see for any damage such as someone trying to gain access to the cylinder using a screwdriver or a similar implement.

Getting The Vehicle Started

The malfunction could be in the computer system of your car. Open your car door using the key. Insert into the ignition and try to start the car. In most cases, this resets the computer and hopefully, your problem is sorted. But there is a method to this. First, check your dashboard and see if the anti-theft indicator is on. If it is, after inserting the key, turn it to the on position. This activates lights, car accessories, etc. Now you need to wait a while. A system reset is in progress. It can take 10-15 minutes. The anti-theft indicator lamp should go off at some point. If it does, remove the key from the ignition and wait for a few more minutes to ensure the computer reset is complete.

Now take a shot to start the car. If you hear a click and the car not starting, chances are high that the car battery itself has drained out. Your dashboard indicator will tell you that.

If the alarm starts sounding again, well-Houston we have a problem. Try again to reset the computer. If the problem persists, let’s move on to a different tack to override.

The Key and The Car Door

Another tip for an anti theft system reset is using the key manually. Use the driver’s side door and turn the key to unlock. Do not remove the key immediately. Wait for one minute. This is to allow the car to recognize that the correct key has been inserted and should initiate disengagement of the anti-theft system and reset it. If this turns out to be a dud, just turn the key back and forth a few times. Some cars respond to this as the door lock cylinder is jogged. If it works, try starting up the car. No response, let’s do some more troubleshooting.

What to Do If Your Anti-Theft System Car Refuses to Start?

The Car Battery

The Car Batter

Disconnect the battery. Just remove one terminal. It suffices to break the circuit. This action also resets the computer. Wait a few minutes and connect up again. Any breakthrough?

When You Are Inside the Car

This is a nifty trick you can employ. If you see the indicator light is lit for the ‘Theft System’, turn the ignition key to the right, but only slightly. Keep it that way for 10 minutes till the light disappears. By doing this, the vehicle except for the engine is on. Internal lights, dashboard indicators, etc. are powered and this makes it possible for you to disable the theft alarm.

When You Are Outside the Car

Use the key slot on the driver’s seat side. Insert the key and after you turn it to unlock the door, keep it in that position for a few seconds. This bypasses the factory alarm and confirms to the car that the right key has been inserted. You have to juggle a bit with this trick as some cars require a slight modification to this trick. You use the key, unlock the car and then proceed to relock it. You may be in luck. Run the car for 10 minutes to reset the computer.

The Key Trick with The Steering Wheel

Insert the key into the ignition. Now the following has to be accomplished as one move, which is crucial. Turn the key and the steering wheel to the left and then to the right simultaneously. If you hear a click, success. The key will turn as also the steering wheel. A word of caution though. Do not use force. You run the peril of damaging the locking system for keeps. Also, check your steering gear oil level.

Reset The Car’s Computer

There’s about this much only for you to attempt this as a DIY solution. The battery. Disconnect both terminals. This is essentially a reboot. Wait for a couple of minutes till any memory redundancy is cleared. Connect up making sure both terminals are firmly in place. Your computer is reset.

Check The Key

Yes, it is a possibility. Some keys come with a chip. Also, there is a thing called a valet key which permits only some functions. If you have a spare key (at least two are provided by the manufacturer), try it.

After undergoing different methods and techniques, you may leave dents and scratches on your car. You can use a dent removal tool, a polishing kit, or a scratch eraser to make ther car look spotless again.


1. How do I get my car out of anti-theft mode?

We have touched upon some tips, tricks, and tweaks to get out of this irksome situation. But ultimately it is a computer that is deciding. The only choice is to successfully reset the computer. There is no switch to turn it off; it’s inbuilt. You will have to revert to professional help.

2. Can you disable a car immobilizer?

An immobilizer is an electronic device that will not allow your car to start unless presented with the right combination. Getting past your immobilizer would require the services of a locksmith if the tips provided don’t fetch results.

3. How does an anti-theft system work?

It operates by signals received from sensors fitted in and around the car. Impacts, movements inside the car, unnatural tilting, etc. can all set it off.

4. Why is the theft light blinking in my car?

Two possibilities. Someone has attempted to tamper or without an audible alarm being sounded, the computer of your car needs resetting.

Sometimes, the best of our efforts to promote the safety of property can result in circumstances that are bothersome. There is one solution; try to know what to do in a situation such as your car anti-theft measures going awry. All you need to do is extricate the car out of anti-theft mode. True, it could be a bit challenging, but not worse than someone taking off with your expensive BMW.



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