How to Make a Necklace: 6 Easy Steps

how to make a necklace

Necklaces are by far the most distinctive pieces of jewelry. Combined with bright colors, their size makes them easy to be seen and acknowledge. Moreover, they are the simplest jewelry projects which require just a couple of hand tools. The products range from emeralds and pearls on the high-end side to seashells and wood on the other side. There are also other materials to choose from, including metal, minerals, and glass beads.

It is a great way for the people to start making jewelry and many people have chosen to do nothing other than to make necklaces. The techniques are easy to learn, and everybody with agile fingers can master them.

How To Make A Stylish Necklace

It can be enjoyable to make your jewelry for many reasons. You can not only reach into your artistic side but also create something new that represents your style. Plus, making a necklace is quite easy. Read the pieces of advice below to uncover useful tricks on how to make  a beautiful necklace.

1. Gather Your Materials

There are countless possibilities for making your fashionable necklace, so don't be scared to be creative. For a unique artistic look, you can turn old brooches or earrings into necklace pendants or create small wooden objects. Add as little or as much as you like. The uniqueness is you can choose patterns, shapes, and colors that represent something to you for a fraction of the price of something you can buy at your beloved boutique. While many of these items can be purchased in a craft store to have the appearance or complete you want, it may be worth a visit to a specialized shop that sells jewelry-making products.

Here are some ideas for crafting supplies you may get:

  • Basic necklace chain
  • A gemstone
  • Threads for embroidery
  • Bead cap
  • Few connecting rings
  • Small pliers
  • Scissors
  • Small skewer of wood

2. Getting Started

There's nothing more personalized than selecting a piece of jewelry that suits your character. The right component, with unique details, adds a sense of taste to any outfit. But it can still be difficult to find the appropriate necklace. That doesn't need to be the matter. You can design your necklace rather than buy it. It's a great hobby, and when you have the right equipment, then it is much simpler than you think. Check at this a quick tutorial to get you going with making some simple jewelry.

3. Figure Out Your Design

First, you should try to find some inspiration. If you're starting from your favorite necklace you can't afford or think about adding your unique touch to your jewelry box, you need to create a necklace that is just like you. And that only requires one minute of thinking and consideration.

You can select a piece of stone that fits with the colors in your closet for a colorful and trendy look without the large price tag and attach a special tassel for a pleasant color show.

4. Attach A Stone

If you want to include a stone in your project, the choice of stone is essential. Choose a crystal or stone you like. Every class has a specific meaning while some have varying energies, so trust your heart and intuition.

Using a small wooden skewer for a  wood resin necklace, attach craft glue very gently to the bottom of the bead top. Attach it to the tip of your stone and based on the size of the stone, you will need to adjust the edges to match the shape. Loop everything through the tip of the bead top using a connection ring and afterward close the loop along the necklace chain. Before applying the next charm to the chain, be certain to let the adhesive dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.

You don't have to purchase a chain for the necklace which comes with fastenings attached, but it could be a wise step for inexperienced jewelry makers. Connecting the fastenings is just another additional step and can be expensive to acquire the parts (chains and fastenings) separately.

5. Make The Tassel

If you're planning to include a  tassel, you'll be shocked how simple it is and how beautiful the final product ends up looking. Slice a bunch of strings of embroidery thread of the same size to create your tassel. Make sure you slice them a little longer than required, since you can always slice them off, but you might need to put them back on later.

When you have a decent set of string, you need it to fold it on half, while the folded edges of the thread form the tip of the tassel. Slide a connecting ring via the upper end of the tassel and then connect it all over the edge to finish the tassel with a separate loop.

Double tie a string and you know it's going to stay in place. Then you can move the thread back and forwards to adjust the length of the tassel tip. Cut off any extra thread on the underside until you are satisfied with the length.

6. Attach To The Necklace

Locate where the necklace middle is, where you would like the charms to be on your necklace and the chain length. Use your small pliers and connect your handmade charm to your necklace chain through the connecting rings. Make sure the rings are closed so you don't unintentionally lose them.


  1. How do you put a pendant on a chain?

There are several ways to connect the  pendant to the necklace, but using jump rings is the easiest way to add a pendant. Just put the jumping ring via the bead or element and loop it through a chain or necklace.

  1. How do you wire a necklace owns?

Slide a bead over the string and bend the edge of the string at an angle of 90o with the needlenose pliers. The volume at the ends is what you should use to make a loop, so try to duplicate with all the other connections until you decide the best size. Slip down the bead to the chain and stretch the other edge of the string at 90o, ensuring that the bend is as near as possible to the beads.


You can waste money in a fashionable shop on a pricey-looking necklace or you can design your own with only a few materials, some patience and a bit of imagination. A beautiful necklace will alter your appearance, and you really must have some crafted elegance in your closet. There are so many ways to make your necklace that you may have trouble choosing a point to start.

Collect some special tools and materials before you start making the necklace and then become familiar with suggested sizes for the necklaces. Consider about how to customize your projects by utilizing birthstones or other crystal variants. And if you need to take full advantage of the abundant online resources that many jewelry fans have created.



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