Removing Wall Stickers - Detailed Instructions with Helpful Tips

how to remove wall stickers

Changing the wall sticker in your room can often be a daunting task, particularly if the job was not done by you in the first place. The good news is; irrespective of the task ahead, this article will be a perfect guide to lead you through the entire process. Firstly, you will need to:

Protect Furniture and Room at Large

Try to move your furniture away from the wall part you intend to remove the wall sticker. If the wall has an electrical outlet, unscrew the cover of the outlet; this will grant you access to the sticker underneath the electrical outlet. Once the surrounding surface of the outlet is clean, cover up the surface with tape.

How to Remove a Peel-and-Stick Wall Mural?

How to Remove a Peel-and-Stick Wall Mural

This type of peel-and-stick wall sticker can be peeled with ease, with no form of sticker residue on the wall surface. This is possible because of the nature of its design. Although, in some scenarios, the reverse is the case. And this can result from a couple of environmental factors like the rough surface of the wall or temperature that can affect the nature of the adhesive used. 

One of the most effective ways to remove the wall sticker without the appearance of residue on the wall is to apply heat to the surface of the Mural. Using a hand dryer will help heat the surface to an optimum temperature that will serve you best while removing the Mural without damaging the surface of the wall. Start from the top –just along the corners of the Mural using a lower temperature setting on your dryer.

Position the opening of the dryer directly on the surface of the sticker. This can take a moment, but once you observe the mural has an increase in temperature, use your nails to gently pull off the sticker from the wall surface. Pull the sticker to an approximate angle 45-degree, try to do this at a steady pace. Although the process is a bit slow, the good news is you can speed it up by involving extra hands. Your partner will take the lead with the hairdryer, while you gradually peel off the sticker maintaining 45-degree angle. Do this at an optimum speed, avoid been too slow or too fast.

Removing a Removable/Strippable Wall Sticker

Removing a Removable/Strippable Wall Sticker

Run a quick check to know if the wall sticker is removable and to what grade it is. Peel of the corner of the wall sticker from the wall using a putty knife, as soon as you gain access to the corner of the wall sticker peel it by pulling it down slowly from the top while maintaining an angle of 15 degrees.

As soon as you are down with removing adhesive wall stickers, you will need to spray the wall with is dish soap and warm water. If you observe that the mixture of dish soap and warm water doesn’t weaken the adhesive, then you can try Zinsser dif Ultra, which a liquid that is used to remove wall stickers. If you have access to the liquid, you will need to spray each spot where you adhesive and allow the mixture to sink for a short while, afterward, take off the wall sticker.

Once you are done removing the sticker from the wall, use warm water to wash and rinse the wall afterward, wait for 48 hours to ensure the wall is properly dried before taking any step further in making changes on the surface of the wall. You could choose to apply a peeling paint, put up a new mural, and add a new wall sticker or any of the wall décor you have.

Removing a Non-Strippable Wall Sticker

What if you have a wall sticker that is not strippable? If your Mural is not strippable, then you will require the use of softening agents. These chemicals will help loosen the adhesive and in the long run make the entire job a lot easier.  In a short while, we will be sharing with you some steps you could adopt while removing the sticker on the surface of your wall effectively without peeling paints that are extremely nugget on the surface of the wall.

Removing a strip of old wall sticker


If you observe multiple layers of wall sticker attached to your wall, don't attempt to remove all of it at once. Take it one step at a time, remove it from one layer to the next, it is often difficult to gauge out the right amount of pressure required to push off the wall sticker without gouging that of the drywall that is located underneath.

  • Step 1: You can get a stripping liquid for wall sticker online, or get one from the hardware store next to you. The surface will require the use of tools which will help you to create holes on the wall sticker, this will allow the liquid to gain access to and fully penetrate the adhesive on the world. Once you create small holes using the poke tool on the wall surface, then it’s time to spray out the wall sticker using any liquid you desire.
  • Step 2: Now give the mixture some time to soak based on the manufacturer's user guide.
  • Step 3: Check out any of the paper on the wall sticker to see how easy are the sticker peeling off the wall. If they are still hard and sticky, try to spray it once again. Once the sticker residue is soft enough then, you can use a paper scraper to peel off a huge portion of the wall sticker. Avoid applying excessive pressure on the wall; doing this can lead to damages on the surface of the wall.
  • Step 4: You will need to spray the wall again for the last time using a stripping mixture. Afterward, scrape out all the missing spots

How to Remove a Mural?

How to Remove a Mural

Use warm water and sponge to wash off the surface of the wall. And allow it for 2-3 days before attempting to make any form of changes on the wall surface. Once you succeed in carrying this out effectively, you can choose to add a wall sticker, mural, painting, or any form of décor you desire. 

Helpful Tips and Tricks

1. The Blow Dryer trick

The use of a blow dry will have to soften the adhesive on the mural. The more the adhesive softens, the easier it is for you to remove the mural from the wall. You can start by positioning the dryer on a specific position of the decal or mural and once the temperature is a bit warm, use your nails to pull it off the wall very slowly.  Your goal is not to remove all the wall sticks in an instance, so it’s best to take it easy; go one step at a time. If the adhesive on the wall is still strong, then you can try an Ultra Wall sticker liquid spray removal; this will help to peel off the adhesive from the wall surface. While peeling off the sticker, it's important to get very close to the wall, doing this will help you reduce the stress accompanied with the entire process.

2. Hot Towel

In place of a blow dryer, you can use a warm wet towel. Place the towel over on the wall sticker; this will help dissolve all the glue that sticks between the paper and the wall. Once you are done running the towel all over the surface decal then you can peel off it off the wall very slowly –using tweezers or your nails. This method can protect the wall surface but will affect the wall decal used.

3. 45-Degree Pull

Pulling off wall stickers can be a daunting task, and it all depends on the nature of the material you use during the process.  You can pull on the mural gradually to a 45-degree angle for a specific corner, this will make the entire removal process pretty easy to go by. Different from peeling off the wall sticker horizontally from the side or from up to down, employing 45-degree positioning will help prevent the wall sticker from tearing or ripping apart.

4. Iron Off

If you want to remove the decal without causing damage on the wall, you can employ the use of an iron on a damp wet cloth. Place the damp cloth over the sticker and iron it directly on the surface of the wall sticker. Different from the procedure used in the hot towel, this time the steam produced from the damp cloth will penetrate and melt off the glue in a secure way that will help maintain both the wall and the mural.

If you want to remove the decal without any form of damage on the wall or its surface, then it is advisable to use a hot iron on a damp wet cloth. Iron the cloth while it placed on the wall sticker. The steam will melt the adhesive that sticks the towel to the wall.


Here are some FAQs about these home decor items answered by our experts. 

How do you remove stickers without removing paint?

You will need to use a blow dryer on its warm setting, and apply its heat to the edges slowly. Keep the heat on a specific position until the entire sticker is peel off from the wall. Once the sticker is off the wall, if the sticker still has its residual on the surface of the wall, you will need to use soapy water, nail polish, or an adhesive remover on the residue. 

Do wall Stickers leave marks?

If your wall is painted off from white, we suggest a minimum usage of a sticker within a year and a maximum of two years. Avoid the use of stickers on the wall surface that are flaky or peeled. Doing such will lead to the risk of your paint coming off along the stickers

Are wall stickers good?

Aside from being an awesome remedy for commitment, they serve as suitable options for renters who don't permit painting or the use of wall stickers. Stickers like vinyl wall decals are suitable for spaces like kid's playroom or nurseries that are used in the short term.

How long do wall stickers last?

Some stickers are designed to last for a protracted period, especially if they are properly taken care of. Stickers can last for three, four or five years. It all depends on the quality of adhesive used and the nature of the material it is designed from.

If the sticker on the walls of your living room or bedroom is due for a change, adhering to the above procedure will help with the entire removal process without any form of sticker residue cloning your wall surface.



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