9 Simple Steps to Use Your Eyebrow Trimmer Correctly

How To Use An Eyebrow Trimmer

The eyebrow trimmers are easy and convenient. Nothing will save you time like this cool, handy, and efficient device when shaping or trying to clip your eyebrows on your own. The challenge may be that most of us do not understand how to use it and how useful it is. We surely do not want to mess things up by not fully understanding how to use eyebrow trimmer.

It's everybody's goal to keep the eyebrows neat. The best way to do that is to allow your beautician to style you, of course. But for people with their brows growing slightly faster than they wanted, you have to know how to keep them neat all by yourself.

How To Use An Eyebrow Trimmer For Trimming Your Eyebrow - Step By Step Guide

Below you can find a guide on how to use your eyebrow trimmer correctly and achieve the best arches for your eyebrows.

Step 1: Preparation

You have to start by getting your eyebrows ready to trim. That would imply you would have to take a hot shower to drain your eyebrows with water and loosen them. The hot water vaporizes the hair follicles and the pores as well. This helps to smooth the facial hair and makes it easier to trim.

Step 2: Moisturizing

The next move is to get your eyebrows moisturized. Using only a hydrating agent you are happy with.  Apply the humidifier to the wrinkles of your eyes and extend it to the top section of your eyes. You should moisturize the bare skin between your eyebrows too. Protection during cutting will be ensured for your skin. The hair should be a little plumper, causing the cutting process natural and easy.

Step 3: Study Your Eyebrows Shape

As eyebrows trimming could go wrong occasionally, the next task you need to do is examine the shape of your eyebrows via a mirror. The purpose here is to study the shape of your face profile. Take the small comb of eyebrows and sweep them straight upwards. Make it as messy as possible. Comb up again so that the trimming process will be better to manage.

Step 4: Grip Firmly Your trimmer

During this stage, take the trimmer for your eyebrows, keep it firmly to prevent any slipping of the trimmer. Then rotate your clipper head in a clockwise direction. Little by little move the comb of cutter head at the first spot of the trimmer head. You should hear a click sound. This should allow you to tighten your eyebrows to a shorter style. Don't slide trimmer on your eyebrow very far, because you can click on the second spot. Evaluate the comb for your eyebrows to see which place you would like to start trimming.

 Step 5: Start Trimming From The Inner Side

Move your finger over your eyebrows to ensure a smooth feeling. Make sure that you begin from the inside of the eyebrow to have a soft brow feeling. Switch the trimmer on and operate it in the same direction and trim over the surface of the eyebrows.

Step 6: Trim To Your Desired Length

First, take away the thin individual hairs that grow between your eyebrows. You must hold the trimmer up properly and then use the vertical brush component. Try to ensure that you only use mini cuts from one side toward the next. Note to never switch your trimmer outwards to inside, as this will cut your brows very short. Shave to the length you like.

Step 7: Repeat On Other Eye

When you're done with one side you can repeat the cycle with the other side of your eyebrows.

Step 8: Check Everything Is Symmetrical

When your eyebrows are trimmed, take a good look to see whether it is symmetrical from all angles. If you spot any individual hairs, remove them to offer your trim a clean and attractive look.

Step 9: Wipe your brows with a warm cloth

When everything's fine, and you're happy with both your eyebrows, take a warm tissue and clean your eyebrows off. Remember to take a good volumizing mascara and apply it to your eyebrows. It will give you a flawless look while keeping your eyebrows in great condition and guaranteeing that the hair is all in order.

Tips & Warnings

It can be very frightening to do eyebrows on your own. You don't want to shave and cut too much. Checking the trimmer protection to make sure to realize how much length you will shave is a very important step you have to take. Below are some tips and warnings about eyebrows trimming.

  • Use the accurate eyebrow comb trimmer to cut eyebrows to a uniform thickness and length.
  • If you shave your eyebrows for 1st time, begin trimming by using the brush at the full trim length settings to avoid hairs from being accidentally trimmed.
  • Comb your eyebrows toward hair growth direction while trimming.
  • Start moving the precision trimmer with a comb from the external edge of the eyebrow over to the bottom of your nose.
  • Do not trim your eyelashes and do not approach with trimmer to your eyes too closely.


It's simple and easy to get the great look of your brows without straining with the standard methods of using scissors and razors. Plucking and threading can be a little painful too. This complete guide about how to use a trimmer for your eyebrows is a clear sign that by using a trimmer you can shape your eyebrows easily. Now that you are informed of this whole cycle of having a good trim, why not try it yourself and have your eyebrows completely groomed.


1.Can you use a nose trimmer for eyebrows?

Ans. You can not do any lasting damage to the brows by shaving them, but once again, if you shave your eyebrows, they will keep growing with a sharp edge that gives a thicker, more developed appearance.

2.Can shaving make my brows thicker?

Ans. You can not do any lasting damage to the brows by shaving them, but once again, if you shave your eyebrows, they will keep growing with a sharp edge that gives a thicker, more developed appearance.



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