A Complete Guide to Washing Faux Fur- Explained by Experts

how to wash faux fur

Faux fur or fake fur or pile fabric is the product of human engineering to clone a fabric that approximates the warmth, comfort, and softness of animal fur. Faux fur entered the scene in the 1900s and is ethical, cruelty-free and has that classic style that will not go out of vogue. Faux fur is a Velboa fabric made from synthetic polyester material and commonly embossed with animal prints. Conservationists frown on this as an encouragement to the illegal slaughter of animals for their fur. A product called Minky Velboa is available which is incredibly soft and 100% polyester. It is utilized for a jacket lining, making blankets, stuffing toys, pillows, slipper boots, etc. Faux fur if well-cared for, will turn heads and show off your fashion sense. In this guide, we will delve on how to wash faux fur so that it maintains it’s appeal.

Washing Faux Fur

How to Wash Faux Fur

No matter what you are washing, a faux fur pet bed, a blanket, a teddy jacket, or a faux fur beanie,  always read the ‘clothing care instructions’ that come with the product or mentioned on the tag. If you are planning on giving your faux fur coat or rug to a professional cleaner, ensure he has the credentials for doing the job.

Being a coveted item of one’s wardrobe, it tends to be used often and therefore requires regular cleaning. Some products are tagged for dry-cleaning only, but trim and smaller stuff can be washed or cleaned by hand which is the best, not to forget the economy of it. 

Faux Fur Trim

Put them in a washing machine, cold water, a small amount of liquid detergent on a gentle cycle. Use a suitable detergent like Woolite or Studio by Tide. Avoid direct sun for drying.

For a handwash, the figure below is self-explanatory.

Faux Fur Trim

Refurbish Faux Fur

Brush up on your brushing skills. Use a firm bristle brush or a double-sided pet hairbrush (please buy one specifically for this purpose and don’t use the same one as you use for your pet). Place the item on a flat hard surface and go at it in all directions, diagonally, horizontally and vertically. Any matted areas, clumps, etc. should disappear. This method works for all faux fur items and is the best faux fur care hacks around.

Faux Fur Boots

Faux Fur Boots

First clean and vacuum dirty, stained parts. Don’t rush, take your time. The end result is only going to be as good as your first efforts.

Spray only on the parts that require cleaning, upholstery cleaner. Don’t soak up the plush bootswith foam. There are a whole lot of proprietary cleaners available. Or here’s a concoction that works well. In 4 cups of tepid water, mix ¼ white vinegar, 1 tsp. Liquid detergent, and 1 tsp. borax. This goes into the spray bottle.

Leave the boots to dry naturally or you can blow dry from 6” away. Brush the boots with a fine brush till it fluffs up.

This hack saved you $15 at least.

Hand Washing Methods

Supplies and Tools Called For

  • A gentle detergent. Dr.Bronner Liquid Soap is well proven. It is organic and has multi-purpose uses. Tide products, Woolite or Studio are also recommended.
  • Cool water (warm or hot water is never to be used)
  • Hair conditioner
  • Vinegar
  • A large basin for washing
  • Drying rack for indoor use
  • Soft-bristled brush
  • Spray bottle

Get The Water Ready

Mix cold water and one to two teaspoons detergent in a basin large enough. For big coats, or a blanket, etc. use a bathtub or a suitably sized container.

Submerge The Faux Fur

Completely and gently submerge the faux fur. It cannot be repeated enough, use a light touch. No wringing or rough agitation of the water. Leave it soaking for 10-15 minutes raking the water gently with your hands to keep up the circulation.

Rinse and Drain

Remove the fur from the water and gently (the repeated stress on the word gentle is to reinforce that it is very important throughout the process) squeeze out the water as possible without forceful wringing. Drain out the basin, refill and rinse. Repeat till no more suds are sighted.

Get Rid of Extra Water

Squeeze out as much as possible. Wrap in a bath towel so that as much water as possible is soaked out of the fur.

Allow to Drip Dry

Dry out the fur using the indoor rack. Never use a hangar when it is still wet or disfiguration will result.


Never use a dryer. High heat can melt the fibers of faux fur, causing them to fuse and become matted. The damage is irreversible.

Brush The Faux Fur

Using the soft-bristled brush, smoothen out any tangles or clumps that may have formed.

In two cups of warm water, blend a teaspoon of hair conditioner. This is the answer as to how to make faux fur soft again. Spray a little on resistant areas rather than using force which may cause the fibers to come out. Once done, clean with a damp, clean cloth and hang to air dry. Machine Washing Methods

Take this seriously, but your washing machine if it is not a high-efficiency washer, it won’t work.

Consider hand washing in such cases.

If your machine is suitable (top loading or front loading) proceed. They are considered safer because the agitation is gentle. Cleaning large items such as a blanket or fur coat in the washing machine is inevitable.

Fill Washer

Fill cold water into the washer tub up to medium level adding one or two teaspoons of the prescribed mild detergent. Add vinegar, just a few drops. It will smell divine after washing.

Soak Faux Fur

Set the wash cycle for 15 minutes and no longer as the backing might get damaged. Put the fur in and run the machine.

Drain, Rinse and Spin

Choose the cycle for “Delicate, Hand-wash or Wool”. This utilizes low speed.

If there is a different selection setting for ‘rinse and spin’, use that. The purpose is to avoid agitation at any time.

After the 15-minute wash cycle, drain and allow to fill again. Feel the fur. If it is still soapy, do rinse once more. Drain and put it to spin.

Fluffing The Fur Up

After washing, the faux fur may be slightly matted slighted. Give it a good brushing. You can put use a tumble drier strictly using the ‘Air Only’ setting. Absolutely no heat is to be allowed.

Repair If Needed

Small Rips

It can be mended easily using a needle and matching thread. If there are patches where the hair has come off or melted, you are at the end of the road.


Once the season is done, you want to store your faux fur coat for the next. To obviate dust from gaining access, cover with a garment bag. The garment should be completely dry and placed in an environment that prevents the fibers from getting crushed and has good air circulation.

Pointers for Cleaning Faux Fur Rug

Faux fur rugs just look terribly nice. But over time they get gunked up, dirty and matted. Being on the floor they get more than their fair share of beating; spills, dirty shoes, etc. Since we have already dealt with how to clean a faux fur rug, these are some tips for exigencies.

  • Avoid direct sunlight and moisture
  • Incorporate into your daily cleaning routine. Take it outdoors, give it a good shake to rattle up dust and dislodge dirt.
  • Give it a brushing in the direction of the fur
  • Spot clean hastily
  • Always dry naturally
  • Absorb smells by sprinkling baking powder, working it in and leaving overnight. Shake out the next day or vacuum.


1. Can faux fur be machine washed?

In general, yes. If the washing instructions provided agree than definitely yes. Simply, follow this guide and refer to the section Machine Washing Methods.

2. Is using a dryer safe for faux fur?

You have to be very careful here as heat will damage the fur. You can put it into a dryer but ensure, repeat ensure it is on ‘Air Only’mode.

3. How do I make my faux fur fluffy again?

The fur has to be completely dry. Use a brush with widely spaced bristles (many pet brushes have close-spaced bristles and will not work well). Be careful not to damage the backing. 

4. What is faux fur made of?

Faux fur is made of synthetic, polyester. It is a completely man-made product and has zero animal originated components in it.

5. How do I wash a fuzzy blanket and not ruin it?

Hand wash is the best solution always for faux fur. But blankets being bulky, it is probably best to machine wash. Again read the care instructions that came with the product.


Faux fur has it all. Look, comfort and style. There is little argument in not going in for one. If you don’t own one as yet, it is a crying shame. A teddy coat or a teddy bear jacket is recommended as a first buy because they are not bulky. If you are intimidated as to how to wash your faux fur, this guide has left no stone unturned in giving you the low-down. Christmas sales are on, so what are you waiting for.



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