9 Best Light Bulb Planter Ideas to Upgrade Your Home's Interior

light bulb planter

There is more we can achieve from a light bulb than using it as a glass bauble at home or commercial organization. With a perfect sense of blending the inorganic and the organic, there are creative ideas to which you can repurpose and recycle bulbs at home. You can reborn your glass bulbs to beautiful mini terrariums and functional flower vase. The craft appears very charming to anyone who comes across it at any time.

Light Bulb Planter Ideas to Beautify Your Home

Once you start a terrarium project or vase using a light bulb, it is important to water the plant once it's done. It all depends on the type of arrangement and the nature of the plant involved, you can choose to water the plant once a week or month.

You won't need gardening tools to grow plants inside a bulb. To get a stress less outcome while carrying out this craft, you will need to know how to poke a hole and clear off the white coating on the surface of the bulb as this will be one of the major challenges you will have to overcome during the entire process.

Light bulb vase

Light bulb vase

This light bulb craft was invented by Alejandro. On it, is an aluminum ring retrieved from a hard drive that is meant to support the bulb. This idea has a bent hook connected to the wire end, which helps to position the bulb. If you intend to carry this out, this phase requires great caution to keep the glass secured.

Light bulb still life

If you want to integrate metal, glass and organic matter then, the use of a terrarium a tiny bulb will very suitable, since it allows all the elements to blend.  The bulb is placed on a flower pot that has enough wood chips and soil; this combination blends perfectly to create a fictional view. Its awe view calls for attention and serves as an amazing home decorative item.                 

Light bulb to the rescue

Light bulb to the rescue

This light bulb craft is first invented by Kosmo. He used a dead light bulb he picked from his trash can, and recreated it into a plant vase, Kosmo recycled the bulb and gave it a new life. He planted within the vase of the bulb, added an optimum amount of water to the plant and left it for a while. Upon his next visit, he discovered remarkable growth in the root and stem size.

Light bulb planter with stand

This gem of beauty has a cool stand that is crafted from a copper wire. The stand improves the appearance of the bulb.  The copper wire is skillfully twisted to form a stylish holder that provides the light bulb with a suitable balance.

To fill the bulb, you will need to add quartz sand in layers (pebbles or gravels can also be used if possible in place of sand) to keep the surrounding moist. This will help prevent mildew and also absorb impurities around the area.

Light bulb living diorama

The light bulb living diorama is made up of river stone, a mix of mosses, bark and lichens and other materials. These settings will form a perfect landscape within the glass bulbs. This artistic work was first made by Witteveen when he was asked in an interview he explained: "the light bulb living dioramas is a representation of the natural world." 

Light bulb terrarium

Light bulb terrarium

Alejandro created this bulb vast to form a perfect terrarium that is specifically used to culture moss. Since the humid environment inside the bulb is suitable for moss growth. So he used an old light bulb to experiment with this measure of beauty. The process was not just stylish but also economical. The light bulb terrarium expresses more beauty when placed in a room as décor.  "To effectively place a moss into the bulb, you will have to cut out a portion of the moss – that is small enough to go through the opening you made created on the bulb. You can do this using a chopstick or tweezers to rearrange all the pieces in place with the bulb." Alejandro advise.

Tiny Terras

Tiny Terras

The Tiny Terras is a complete landscape created within the surrounding of a light bulb. The Tiny Terras can depiction the form of a forest, Arctic or a jungle regardless of the nature of the landscape you are after this artwork will bring it to fulfillment right inside the bulb environment.  

Tiny Terra's work of art has an eye-catchy appearance to brighten up any space within your living room, bedroom, and offices or be presented as a gift. 

Stained glass light bulb terrarium

You can get a silver or purple stained glass from a glass workshop. The work of art is created with a sophisticated stand made from a wire hanger.

Top planters with visible roots

This involves using old bulbs as similar to conventional plant vase.  The bulb is filled up with transparent gel, and allow you to gain a direct view on the roots of plants while they increase in size. This can be a perfect gift anywhere and to anyone, from grandparents to kids and or from dorm rooms to offices.

Apart from these lightbulb ideas, you can enhance the beauty of your home with cute animal planters and small succulent plants


How do you remove a light bulb filament?

To remove the filament from a light bulb, you need to rotate the solder point located underneath using a plier. Use the plier to hold one end of the glass insulator and then twist. This will help separate the glass. Afterward, take off the broken pieces of the insulator out from the inner tube using a flat screwdriver.

A terrarium that is well designed will blow your mind and bring your thoughts to unimaginable possibilities.  And if you pay close attention, your imagination will transport you within the landscape. So what are you waiting for? You can keep aside those light bulbs to create something great and charming indeed.



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