Go Green with These 12 Easy Planter Ideas for Your Home


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You can enhance the look of your home and give it a natural feel with various planters. An indoor garden will help you get a better environment inside the home and you’ll feel like living in the lap of nature if the planter ideas go right, and you use the right gardening tools. We’re here to guide you with some handy planter ideas so that you can take inspiration from us and come up with more ideas. Read on…

Easy Planter Ideas for Your Home

Made in the Shade

Enhance it with a variety of colors to shade up spaces within your yard with colorful caladiums. The tropical plant produce splotched leave or striped that appears in rainbow colors. Caladiums are plants that flourish in a warm environment and need slightly wet soil. It has approximate feet of about two to three feet, but the plant has a dwarf species, so you can choose to grow that if preferred. The dwarf varieties grow with an approximate height of twelve inches. The plant produces an eye-catchy appearance if mixed with planters, window boxes or big pots.

If you are out to get a caladium plant, give attention to the tag placed on it, there are some varieties of caladium that can survive and do well under a shade, artificial plant grow light, and sunlight.

The Power of One

You don’t have a variety of plant arrangement to get something palatable. You can get a bold appearance, by growing one plant that produces varieties of color in a flower pot. For instance, if you grow petechiae at home, that will be all you need to get an attractive combination. Though most vibrant colors appear terrific in the summer season, once you witness a color change, try to clip the back of the plant as soon as you can, this will help produce a new flush. Plants like petunias and petchoas prefer a minimum of six-seven hours of sunlight per day with fertilizers been applied to them regularly to ensure they maintain a top form.  

Shady Solution

If you want a shady garden you don't need to rob yourself of the beauty behold from extreme colorful flowers.  This might sound surprising to you. Do you know that most annual plants perform better on the dark side? These jewels sparkle out of sunny limelight at the position it's meant to be exposed to sunlight for some hours. Wishbone flower blend perfectly with Coleus which leaves are red and Artemisia that has silver-gray foliage blend.

The Layered Look

The Layered Look

Here is the big bang; try to mix plant that has different shape altogether within a pot to make a colorful tapestry. Ensure Coleus has the middle grown in the middle of the pot, while Calibrachoa is used as the carpet of a Creeping Jenny. The plants are very versatile, so they can grow while under partial shade or when exposed to sunlight. All you will need to do is to trim the back of the coleus when it becomes big and wants to cover the entire surface of the pot.  

Go Tropical

Increase the intensity of heat within your garden, by selecting large containers or tubs that has tropical and can survive when summer soars high. These beautiful plants have a tremendous impact on a  flacking patio, swimming pool or door due to how snappy their growth is within a short time frame. if you reside in the northern region, during winter you can bring in the plants. 

Celebrate summer

Keep the fireworks on! Planting an explosion of color can be pretty easy. By blending Cordyline and with Perunias your home automatically becomes an explosion of beauty.  These sun lovers flourish in hot summer. All you will need to do is to ensure a consistent supply of water once the soil is dried and add fertilizers to it weekly. 

Mood-Lifting Medley

This is an incredible blend of flowers that are spirit-lifting within a medley of a variety of colors. It's made up of sunny yellow, luscious raspberry and shimmering.  All the listed plants perform well under partial shadows or when exposed under the sun with a little moist to keep it going. Although in during summer most gerbera flowers experience retard growth, while flowers like the calibrachoa will experience exponential growth to fill the put large flower pots

Birdbath Planter

Birdbath Planter

A perfect example of succulent plants. The plant retains water within its leaves and steam and survives under shadows. The pebble doesn't just retain moisture on the soil but serves as an addition desert-inspired appearance. You can also use other small succulent plants as indoor planters.

Tower of Flowers

Arrange a statement within your landscape once you grab assortments of tropical, perennials and annual

And place each with a narrow tall container. Brighten your walkway with a series of vertical planters or create more privacy on a patio or deck that was once exposed.

Choreograph Color

If you are planning to use a container to a garden, then stay away from a mishmash of different colors. To get a maximum result, it is important you use 2 or 3 opposing tones. For instance, you have sapphire-blue blooms its will blend perfectly when matched with foliages that are silver-gray.

Reach New Heights

Increase the level of appearance in your garden to new levels by involving a yearly vine as a potted plant.  Growing yearly vines like morning glory, cardinal climber, cypress vine, hyacinth vine, and Susan vine are all plant with snappy growth, so they require little support. The yellow pansies and urn white blend to yield a suitable carpet that is colorful underneath the tower a Susan vine. Due to their snappy growth, they need a haircut regularly to keep them maintained and control the plant from creeping around.

Pocketed Plants

Pocketed Plants

You can do this simply by hanging a shoe bag, a light bulb, or an old canvas on a wall or fence, afterward, you can fill up each compartment on the canvas with wispy fern and dirt or vines. Once that is done, you have your DIY floppy planter ready!

There are numinous of planter's ideas you can adopt within your home, in as much as you have a garden vase and all that is required. You can adopt any of the ideas we discussed above or create one for yourself by been very creative.



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