19 Amazing Small Living Room ideas to Beautify Your Home

small living room ideas

The living room is the heart of the home. The kind of character that radiates from the living room reflects the spirit of the home and its owner. Having a cramped up family room means that it is going to be the last place that you will like to be in the house. You can also do one other thing and that is to pretend that the living room has no problem.

All of the tips below are going to guide you to not just pretend but to also be outgoing and get the living room “living” again with the help of different furnitire and home decor. These are the best ideas for you to provide space in your small living room.

1. Hanging basket to provide extra storage

They say when you push the cat against the wall. But wait, we are talking about humans here. You can hang it there are stylish baskets out there you can get to hang anything on the walls to give your room more and more space. The baskets are very durable for the children's toys, books, magazines and pads and other little things that tend to lay around. Don’t forget that you keep the remotes there.

2. Add storage near the ceiling

I saw a room once in which a friend carefully hung and camouflaged his storage unit close to the ceiling. I thought to myself that the cabinets got rid of those clutters. If you would follow my suggestion, just be careful with the amount of weight in which the cabinet would be able to take to avoid any accident.

Different simple shapes will give a clutter-free look. Like going for occasional tables that possess cutaway sides which would allow for more space and would trick you into thinking that the room is larger than it is.

3. Angle the furniture

Try not to push the furniture against the wall. When there is space left behind the wall, it also makes the room look wider than it is. Also, try to go for the unconventional. Like sometimes arts are usually regarded because of their flaws so try the unconventional approach of angling furniture to conserve space.

4. Choose functional furniture

Yes/ we have to talk about the furniture again. My suggestion for partners is to choose a love seat furniture when you have roommates especially your partner. This is more than enough to fulfill your needs for a sitting space when you combine a homely love seat with a small table, you are sure to get a cozy and more spacious living room.

You can also do well to find furniture that will also walk as a storage space. For example, some tables and even couches come with storage spaces to contain what you would live to cluster your table.

5. Add a hanging planter

Add a hanging planter

It is okay to have hanging planters and even hanging lamps. This adds functional decoration without touching the floor. This way you have another space to keep something else.

6. Keep it minimal

Try to make sure that whatever it is you need in the living room is where it needs to be to match your needs. For example, some people need their living room as a place to work it is key to remember that, one might not necessarily need a couch so it might just be wise to go for one comfortable chair and the perfect table to create space.

7. Choose a large rug

Large rugs tend to make the room look bigger than they are, unlike smaller rugs the larger rugs do not divide the floor hence it will give you a good anchor and a staple piece in decorating the room. Seating in the corner also goes a long way in generating more space out of the room for the long traditional chairs.

8. Make it multi-purpose

When you are lacking space the only thing to do is to open your minds into making things multi-purpose. E.g. when there is not enough room for an isolated living room, home office, and family room. Desperate times call for desperate action at this moment the best thing to do is to try to combine all of the concepts into one whole space. With the right layout and décor, any room can look great regardless of the size of the room

9. Pick a dark paint color

With the right colors in the living room. It is bound to radiate freshness and coziness. Do not bother about colors like brilliant whites. The subtle green colors are recommended

Dark and shiny walls have a sparkly pair of sophistication adorned as a background for simple decors, try to make your small box like a jewel box. Stretch it further by also painting the walls.

10. Keep it cozy

Keep it cozy

When you make emphasis on how small a place looks can make that place feel more homely and also inviting try to keep the sits close to each other and choose some soft rugs or floor pillows with beautiful covers. This is very advisable when decorating a small family room where you want the perfect blend of functionality and warmth.

11. Distract with statement pieces

Distract with statement pieces

A magician does his tricks with distractions. Employ those tactics into your living room by distracting your guests with statement pieces like an oversized lamp or a space projector lamp, and other attention-grabbing items this will make the room feel up to date and your guest and even you will not even be thinking about the size.

12. Pop an oversized l shaped sofa into a tight space

Pop an oversized l shaped sofa into a tight space

If you have an awkwardly shaped living room the first option, consider how to optimize the available space. Having an l shaped sofa in a tight space containing trunks which can function as a coffee table and also storage when you need it to be. And, if you cover it with suitable sofa covers, it will enhance the beauty too. 

13. Show off interesting objects

Show off interesting objects

Your room might be small that doesn’t stop you from displaying any interesting object which you have, such as a Galaxy Star Light Projector. Any object that is worthy of showing should be. You can do them above the sofa and make them hang to maximize the floor space.

14. Invest in multi-functional furniture

When getting furniture, it is okay to invest in furniture that comes with different functions. Like a coffee table which also can be a storage bin allowing you to clear clutters in short notice, you can also add more mirrors and furniture that have reflective surfaces to maximize the amount of natural light in the room.

15. Decorate vertically

Decorate vertically

Use wallpaper for décor and when there is no ground space take it high like transforming a brilliant white room which has been transformed in patterns that will pull the eye upward to make the most of the ceiling is high.

16. Use stool as seats

Cramming a small room up with furniture is not a good idea. Choose a sofa with a proportional size and if you need more seats to use stools. The stool takes less space and they can be easily be maneuvered. Look for furniture that can be tucked away when they are not needed like a piece of stowaway furniture.

17. Let the light pour in

Try to get the most out of the natural light in the room by keeping the window dressing simple and if you have a high ceiling, full-length curtains will draw the eye upward and provide an illusion that the room is bigger than it is.

18. Choose light colors for the walls

I recommend shades that will make the room fresh and also inviting like, lush pink and dusky lilacs.

19. Avoid the corridor effect with the corner sofa

Having a long dark sofa in a small room can give room for the corridor effect you can create a more comfy corner with a pale l shaped sofa, which will give space for more seating.


How do I choose a sofa in the living room?

If choosing a sofa for the living room one has to consider the space in which he/she has, for example, it is not ideal to have one large sofa sucking up space in the room you should consider how the sofa fits into your room.

How do I choose a sofa for a small living room?

An l shaped sofa is your answer because it is cozy while giving enough space for other furniture.

How do you make a small living room cozy?

Making a small living room cozy boils down to giving your living room the sense of home and welcoming warmth. You can use colors to this effect.

How do you make a small living room bigger?

This entire article gives you the way to make your small living room bigger; from optimizing the natural light in your home to getting the furniture of the wall feel free to try any

What color is suitable for the living room the color that fits the living room all balls down to your preference, some people would like to go for gray because of od its warmth and earthy feel. This color is good when perfectly executed

After taking way all those clutter the living room should be looking cozy and warm. The look we are all looking for!



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