How to Build Your Own Laptop Stand? - 8 DIY Ideas from Pros

homemade laptop stand

Laptop stands are a great way to make your work-set up more ergonomic. They provide your laptop with ventilation and more support for your wrists while typing. Buying a laptop stand in a store can be expensive, either you can shell out 50 to 100 bucks on them or build one on your own.

You can actually make a laptop stand using common household materials like door stops, wine corks, and notebooks. Here are some fun ideas for your DIY laptop stand made from different materials around the home. Get started today to make your workspace more creative with such office accessories!

Homemade Laptop Stands

1. PVC Pipe Wire – Hider

If you do not want to spend a lot on a store-bought laptop stand, make one yourself using PVC pipes and joints. This does not need any gluing and the cost is less than $5. Depending on the height you need and the width of your laptop, you can choose the length of the PVC wires. After that, assemble them like two shelves, insert the cables through the bends, and fix the pipes together. You can then place your laptop on it and start working!

2. Paper Towel Holder Stand

You can make this laptop tray using IKEA’s paper towel holder. It’s a simple and nice DIY stand that takes less than 10 minutes to make. All it requires is the IKEA paper towel holder and some Plexi. Drill some holes in the stainless-steel crosspiece using graduated high-speed bits and a drill press. Put four screws into the Plexi and bolt together. The finished product is as good and neat as any product available in the market for $40 - $50.

3. Vertical Wall Mount

This is one easy and simple way to mount your laptop on a wall. Use a pair of wall brackets to hold the laptop on them. To anchor them to the wall, you can use steel mounting hardware or scrap cedar. The best material for the brackets is ¾” plywood. At the ends of the bracket, strapping or plastic tabs help lock the laptop in its place. Once you build it well, there will not be any issue in stability. This DIY stand is best suited for lightweight laptops and notebooks. You can also fix a horizontal shelf under the brackets for the keyboard and the mouse.

4. Magnetic Feet

Using magnets to provide your laptop height, are better than using wine corks or door stoppers because magnets provide more stickiness. On the door stops, place a couple of magnets and attach them to the underside of your notebook. This provides a strong and secure elevation for your laptop. It is not a good idea to use strong magnets as they can interfere with the operation of your computer tools and devices. But use magnets found in small toys, it must not create a problem.

5. Wire Shelf iLap Clone

iLap stands cost close to $70 in the market, but the good news is that you can make one for yourself! iLap stands provide good height and tilt to the laptop. You can type with comfort either by sitting or lying flat on the bed. The materials for building this stand are, about three wire grates each measuring 14” length and width, two t-shirts, a few zip ties, and some wirecutters/pliers. Clip the grates together with zip wires according to the tilt you want for the laptop. Roll the t-shirts and place the grates on them to provide elevation. The assembly takes less than 20 minutes.

6. Laid Back Bed Stand

If you love working while lying on your bed, this homemade laptop stand is the best choice. Without the stand, it is often uncomfortable to do so as you have to balance the laptop on your chest while laying down. You need around $15 and 30 minutes in hand to build this stand. For creating this piece, you need strips made out of wood, hardboards or cardboards, two knobs, washers, socket anchors, a few small nails, two short wood screws and four medium-sized wood screws. To cut the wood, you will need a circular saw and a power drill for the nails. Line up the things saw them and attach the strips with nails.

7. Hardware T-Stand

This T-stand provides a more industrial feel but is quite easy to build. If you want to buy from the market, this will set you back by $70 - $80. Meanwhile, you can head to the nearby hardware store, grab some anti-skid pads, wooden dowels, and joint tie at less than $20. The rest is straight – forward attaching and fixing. In the end, you will have a minimalistic stand for your laptop that will also go very well on most office desks and work like an adjustable standing laptop stand.

8. Inbox Plus Door Stop Stand

Your GTD inbox where you store papers and other documents can also serve as a very good laptop stand. All you need to do is raise and tilt it so you have the right working angles for your laptop. For this, you can use door stoppers to raise height, and adhesive pads to stick them to the GTD inbox. If you have these two materials in your home, this stand is free to build!


These were the top homemade laptop stands at less than half the price of the stand you would buy from the market. Not only can you tweak it according to the way you want, but the whole process of building the stand is fun and engaging. It is a good creativity exercise and the best part is that you can keep switching between stands when you feel bored of using one! So, grab the materials and get started to build your DIY laptop stand today



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